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Garon's Jewelry & Design

     In 1984 Garon Mabe decided to open the store next to his father’s store. In 1995, the business had outgrown the location and moved to where it now sits. Located at 308 Connelly Springs Road, this location was previously a bank, so it was an ideal location for a jewelry store.

     Garon Mabe and his brother, Randy Mabe have been in the jewelry business for over 40 years and gained experience by working with their father, Virgil Mabe. His jewelry store called "The Jewel Shop" was open for business in downtown Lenoir for over 50 years. Garon attended Paris Junior College in Paris, Texas, and received an associates degree in Jewelry Technology and Design in 1981. Randy attended Wayne Community College from 1982 to 1984, where he learned jewelry and watch-making skills.


Meet The Staff


Garon Mabe

Evie Mabe Talbot


Randy Mabe

Meet The Staff
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