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Active silicone wedding bands are a fantastic option if you want a modern, casual design to your ring that doubles as something safe to wear. The line of silicone wedding bands comes in a variety of colors to match your style or support a cause. Each ring features roll-resist technology, so the ring stays put on your finger and eliminates any chance for pinching the skin. Our silicone wedding bands are low profile, so you do not have to sacrifice comfort and style. They’re also ideal for anyone with a metal allergy, as every band is made from 100 percent medical-grade silicone.

Whether your profession requires no metal accessories on the job (electricians), you could wear your traditional ring but rather wouldn’t (medical professionals), you have an active lifestyle (weightlifters, athletes) or if you are simply looking for something to wear for fun, our flexible silicone rings fit the bill. Choose your favorite color and shop the AKYTVUS™ line of silicone wedding bands today!

Active Life Silicone Wedding Bands

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